indianisms: bucks

(See explanation of Indianisms)

Bucks for rupees, money. We certainly use ‘buck’ for dollar here in the U.S.; this use dates to the 1850s and there is speculation that it derives from ‘buckskin’, an American frontier currency (source). I can’t say if buck is current in other dollar-using countries, but it is certainly current in India, where no dollars are to be seen.


You will find a couple of fantastic instruments on the market that could assist put massive bucks correct into your banking account. (2011, source)

College boys turn to sex for quick bucks (R. Jain, Times of India, 2011)

McDonalds veggie something[:] 20 bucks. (K. Anand, via Tehelka, source)

That will be 5 bucks in Bangalore, meaning almost 60 bucks per litre :protest::cussingblack::screaming: (K.R. Raj, 2010, source)

What’s so incredible in that, many people in India live on 20 bucks in pocket a day. (G. Motghare, via TOI, 2011)

Subway is giving chicken ham sub for 50 bucks this month. Sub of the day is also great at 75 bucks. (P. Karol, 2009)


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