indianisms, cont’d: to clear

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to clear for to pass, as an exam, test, etc. In American at least, one cannot “clear” an exam.


Which entrance exam should I clear for getting a seat for B.Ed political science? (2011, source)

Two Muslims clear Indian Economic Service Exam 2010 (2011, source)

Within 5 Days of registration in this site, I have attemepted more than 100 Sample Test Questions and on the 5th day, I cleared the LLR test in Vadodara, Gujarat. (S. Battacharya, source)

“Students who are not able to clear HSC (science) board exams in these three trials will then be forced to prepare as per the new syllabus and appear for the exams”, Patel said. (source)

sir, i have not cleared the june exam…. so please do tell me whether i have to pay any fee or not for the december test…?? (R. Jain, 2011, source)


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