indianisms, cont’d: Even I

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Even I for I too, I also. This one is hard to cite, since written references lack referents and context. In General English, even I means ‘I, out of all people’ or ‘contrary to expectations, I’ or ‘Surprisingly, I’: Even I make my own yogurt these days. In Indian English, it functions as I too or I… also:

Indian One: I am eating so much of parotha these days.

Indian Two: Even I am doing this.

The sense is not that ‘I of all people am doing this’, but ‘I do this also’. Here are some examples which I believe to be Indianisms that mean I also:

Hello madam, Few years back even i was having instant noodles daily as my evening snack, and also lays and kurkure. (source. The quote is in response to an article about the dangers of living off Maggi ramen noodles. Since we don’t know the background of the poster, even I in the sense of ‘I of all people’ doesn’t seem likely, but rather even I in the Indian sense: I also lived off ramen.)

You are right. Even I felt that twists and turns are coming too early in this show. It’s not even 50 episodes I guess. (source)

Even I used their website to get in touch with them and was amazed at the response time. they connected with me within seconds!! (source)

Even I too receiving calls from +9234… (source: here we see too along with ‘even I’.)

Even I would like to know the same thing. Plz suggest me. (source)

Even I am taking the Basic Course in Graphology from Mr.Mohan Bose and i completely agree he is a wonderful teacher! (source)

I bought a mobile[…] the person from Gizmo assured me that you will get the mobile in 2-3 working days.  Now even I am following up with the[…] team but they also are not giving me any satisfactory answer. (source)


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